BR Beauty Marble Anti-Fatigue Mat (Rectangle, 3x4x3/8)

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BR Beauty Marble Anti-Fatigue Mat (Rectangle, 3x4x3/8) Description

This Professional Anti-Fatigue Salon Mat is 3′ X 4′ Rectangle and it is 3/8′ Thick. This Salon Floor Mat Provides Cushioned Comfort and Protective Floor Care for Salons and Barbershops. It is Professional Grade with 3/8′ Thickness and has the chair indention for all styling chairs. The Extra thickness helps reduce strain on Neck, Back, Legs and Feet. This Mat also resists stain from all common acids, oil and grease. In addition this is a puncture-proof mat so no need to worry about ladies heels. Measurements include one 3/8-inch-thick mat measuring 3 feet by 4 feet. This mat includes a 1-year warranty.

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